About Us

We are a group of dedicated environmental scientists, data engineers, computer scientists, information designers, and entrepreneurs taking on one of the world's biggest problems - water quality.

We are working with private citizens, and private and government agencies across the world to create the world's largest crowd-sourced database of water quality information.

Data about water quality abounds, but the data is most often:

  • Not relevant to water safety
  • Difficult to interpret for average people
  • Tested too far away from where you get your water

We aim to change all that. Our role is to connect you to the information that you need to make informed decisions about where and whether your drinking water is safe. You are a critical part of the success of the solution. By testing your taps, you are not only helping your family, friends, and neighbors, you are adding to the database of knowledge about water quality in your community. Be part of the solution. Get involved. We're here to help.